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  • Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Make House Calls and Hospital Visits

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Make House Calls and Hospital Visits

The COVID-19 pandemic made all Americans aware of the risks that exist when people with certain ailments go out in public. As Georgia courts reopen, it’s important to recognize that other types of medical conditions might also compel people to stay home while they are recuperating. At Jason & Bradley, LLC, we are dedicated Atlanta-area personal injury lawyers who come to your home, hospital room or care facility when you need it. Whether you’re concerned about contracting an illness, aggravating your injury or finding suitable transportation to and from our office, we’ll make things easy on you.

When preparing your personal injury claim, our first step is gaining a detailed understanding of the accident, as well as your injuries and how they affect your life. We start by having a conversation in a comfortable setting and reviewing documents related to your condition.  As we ask about issues relating to your case, you may have a lot of questions for us, especially if you have never been a party to litigation. Whatever questions or concerns you have, we are always happy to answer.

No matter the specific nature of your personal injury, getting the legal process started quickly is important. As time passes, it becomes more difficult to locate the witnesses and evidence needed to construct the strongest possible case. We’ll travel to your home or hospital room in  the Atlanta area to speed up the process and increase the likelihood that you’ll collect the financial recovery that you deserve.

Many methods also exist to exchange information and materials without meeting directly. If you own a computer, we can confer with you by Zoom or other videoconferencing methods and can email you documents that need your attention. Some questions and information can be conveyed by phone and we can also transmit and receive documents through the mail.

Whenever we do meet with clients, whether in our office or elsewhere, we take all necessary precautions to keep each other safe.

Jason & Bradley, LLC in Stone Mountain represents personal injury plaintiffs throughout the Atlanta area. To speak with an accomplished Georgia lawyer, call us at 404-297-9933 or contact us online to schedule a convenient, free consultation.