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  • Expert Witnesses in Your Auto Accident Case

Expert Witnesses in Your Auto Accident Case

When you are attempting to build your auto accident case, nothing can be more valuable than expert testimony. When you have experienced professionals testify on your behalf in your own legal case, the court gains a better understanding of the cost of your injuries and the true cause of your injuries. Lawyers may use expert witnesses in a variety of ways in auto accidents. Most often, doctors appear as expert witnesses to prove that:
  • The client sustained a particular injury — such as a head injury or broken bones
  • A certain type of car crash can result in that particular injury
  • Those injuries will be costly for many years to come
Lawyers frequently use doctors as expert witnesses to show the prolonged effects that a surgery procedure may have on a person's life. Car accident attorneys may also consult another type of expert to testify — an engineer. An engineer may be called to testify about the defective design of a car or car part, such as brakes, tires, seatbelts or engine, and pinpoint a design or manufacturing flaw as the cause of the car's malfunctioning. Engineers are often used as expert witnesses to show the automobile was being properly maintained. A car may have malfunctioned due to the driver's own negligence. Engineers may even be able to attest to the design of a street to discuss whether that had any bearing on the accident that was ultimately caused. Depending on the facts of your motor vehicle accident case, your lawyer may require the testimony of additional experts in more focused disciplines. It is essential for a lawyer to find experts for an auto accident case to help prove that negligence occurred and that injuries were sustained because of the negligence. Expert testimony goes a long way in proving that a person should be entitled to a settlement, as does strong legal representation. Atlanta auto accident lawyers at Jason & Bradley, LLC can help.