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  • Exposure to Toxins and Birth Defects

Exposure to Toxins and Birth Defects

A commonly litigated personal injury involves birth defects that result from exposure to toxins. The exposure may happen because of vehicle accidents, it may be a premise liability issue, it may result from purchasing or ingesting faulty products, or it may be due to poor workplace safety. Regardless of the cause, the birth defects caused by toxin exposure qualify as serious injuries that may even lead to a child's wrongful death. In any case, you deserve financial compensation if birth defects result from exposure to toxins. It takes a lot more time and energy to care for babies with birth defects, and medical bills can be quite large. If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, and are concerned about your child's well-being, we can help you begin to set things right. While things will never be set completely right for your child, at least you can work and live knowing that you will be able to attend to your child's health. Read on for a list of a few common birth defects. While some of these defects may occasionally be the result of genetic misfortune, others may be due poor toxin management practices. Talk with a lawyer to help you determine if you have valid reason to sue. Common Birth Defects Caused by Exposure to Toxins
  • Structural Defects - cleft lip/palate, club foot, spina bifida, etc.
  • Nervous System/Brain Disorders - autism, mental retardation, etc.
  • Sensory Problems - blindness, deafness, cataracts, etc.
  • Metabolic/Respiratory Disorders - phenylketonuria, hypothyroidism, PPHN, etc.
  • Degenerative Diseases - muscular dystrophy, various lysosomal disorders, etc.
If your child was born with one of these or many other defects, you may be able to sue your employer or other individual for negligence that caused your child's personal injury. Contact the Jason and Bradley law firm for a free personal injury consultation. Call or email us today and take the first step toward getting justice for yourself and your child!