Almost 40 percent of spinal cord injuries result from a car or truck accident. Fifty-seven percent of those injured are employed at the time of their injury. Individuals who sustain injuries such as a spinal cord injury have their life radically altered and face loss of employment and lengthy rehabilitation. In addition, this type of personal injury exacts a severe emotional and financial toll. Fortunately, progress is being made in discovering new treatments for spinal cord injuries. Researchers are exploring ways to re-establish the connections between nerve cells and to stimulate the regrowth of axons, the nerve fibers that carry messages between the brain and other parts of the body. Ongoing experiments involve transplanting cell grafts into the injured spinal column in order to reconnect severed axons. Cells being studied include Schwann cells and embryonic stem cells. Researchers at Emery University in Atlanta are investigating fetal spinal cord cells. Other research combines electronics with biology. Biomedical engineers are devising neural prosthetics and computer-aided devices that are designed to activate paralyzed limbs through electrical stimulation.

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Although there is hope for the future, an individual living with a spinal cord injury faces long-term financial consequences. Average yearly expenses range from $40,000 a year to over $177,000, depending on the severity of the injury. With life expectancy following a spinal cord injury ranging from 21 years to 34 years, this can add up to a significant amount. This is where an experienced personal injury attorney can help.

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