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  • Nursing Home Abuse—Signs and Legal Remedies

Nursing Home Abuse—Signs and Legal Remedies

Atlanta, Georgia, personal injury lawyers Jason & Bradley would like you to know the signs of nursing home abuse. Family members who suspect that nursing home abuse is taking place should contact the state authorities, remove their loved one from the nursing home, and consult with an attorney to learn their legal rights and potential remedies. Elderly residents of nursing homes can receive serious injuries and even wrongful death when physical abuse is taking place. They can be assaulted, sexually molested, over-or-under-medicated or may have unexplained injuries. Open wounds are a sign that something is not right. If you find that your loved one has received injuries from health or safety hazards at a nursing home, you may have grounds for asserting a claim for premises liability in addition to one for physical abuse. Neglect can manifest itself as not taking care of a resident's necessities of living, such as failing to give baths or help a resident with brushing his teeth and washing his hair. Frequent infections, malnutrition, bed sores, and dehydration are signs of neglect. When you visit your elderly loved one and he or she seems overly agitated or emotionally fragile, you should look further. Other signs of emotional abuse are behaviors such as thumb sucking, emotional withdrawal and wanting to be isolated. The attorneys at Jason & Bradley have had years of experience and success in nursing home elder abuse cases. They also have a long list of successful verdicts for clients who have been injured in car accidents, truck accidents and in other types of vehicle accidents, such as bus or train accidents. Nursing homes that abuse their elderly clients deserve to be prosecuted, and the families of abused residents are entitled to monetary compensation. Hire the lawyers with the experience and reputation to pursue your case.