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Slip? Fall? Here’s What To Do

It’s icy, it’s wet, and it’s downright slick out there. Welcome to February in Georgia. This is the time of year you need to exercise extra care to avoid slip and fall accidents. If you do find yourself down for the count, however, here’s what to do: Document the scene: While you are still on the scene of the accident, try to take a picture or video of the premises. Even better yet, have someone else do it. Try to capture ice, salting locations, obstructions, and any other types of conditions that can help you prove your case later. Report the accident: If possible, let the owner of the premises know that you have fallen on the property. Exchange contact information if the situation is not hostile. However, if an extremely unpleasant situation is at hand, take note of the address and leave if you are able. Get medical attention: It’s best to seek medical attention if you are injured in any way, especially if you are elderly. Sometimes, you may think you are okay right after the fall or you may think that the hurt will go away, but injuries can worsen over time if not properly treated. So seek medical help. Call a lawyer: Knowledgeable personal injury lawyers will help you deal with your insurance company as well as advise you on the merits of your case. They can also deal with owners of the premises and their insurance companies as well. Keep track of your out of pocket expenses: Your lawyer will advise you to keep track of all medical bills, therapy expenses, and other incidental expenses. The reason is that you will need to prove your damages and expenses in the event of a settlement or lawsuit, so it’s better to keep track of these expenses as you incur them. Try to exercise extreme caution during the winter months and don’t despair, for spring will be here soon. However, if you’ve had a slip and fall accident due to the weather or any other reason, follow these tips to ensure protection.