The Basics of a Products Liability Claim

Most people have been notified of a product recall at some point in their lives. The typical process involves receiving notification of the recall by mail and then contacting the company for a repair, replacement or refund. For people who are actually injured by a defective product, the process is a bit more involved. The first step is to define products liability law. As a subsection of personal injury law, products liability law refers to the practice of holding manufacturers, designers and sellers liable to injuries their products cause to others.

Product recalls know no bounds

When people hear of products being recalled, they often think of toxic food or dangerous pharmaceuticals, but faulty goods are certainly not limited to those items. One product recently recalled is children's pajamas manufactured by the My Clothes Company. The pajamas were pulled from the shelf due to violations of the federal flammability standard. In this case, parents whose children suffered burns may be eligible to sue My Clothes or the store where the pajamas were purchased. As an injured consumer, the burden of proof is on you to show that you sustained a real injury due to a defective product. You must also show that the manufacturer or seller failed in its duty to provide you with a safe product.

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