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  • Warning Signs You Need New Tires

Warning Signs You Need New Tires

Damaged or poorly covered tires cause many vehicle accidents in the Atlanta, Georgia area. If you don't care for your vehicle's tires, significant personal injury may result. Check for these warning signs before you drive, and take your vehicle in to get new tires if you want to stay safe on the road.
  • Check the tread wear indicator bars - The thickness of your tire treads determines how well your tires grip the road. New tires have indicator bars, or white colored lines perpendicular to the tread, that appear when your tires start getting too bald. Bald tires may lead to loss of control on slippery surfaces.
  • Check your tread depth - If you have old or cheap tires, there are other ways to check tread strength. You should be able to stick a penny halfway into the tread of your tire. A common method is to see if Lincoln's head is covered when you stick the penny head-down. If not, you should consider getting new tires.
  • Too much vibration while driving - While a certain amount of vibration while driving is inevitable, too much can lead to car accidents or truck accidents. If your car seems to shake too much when you drive, consider taking it in to a mechanic. You may need your tires realigned or re-balanced, or you may need to purchase new tires.
  • Sidewall cracks and bulges - If the side of your tire starts to look like it's getting blisters or little hairline fractures, this may be an indicator of structural weakness. Just one sharp turn or rough surface could cause your tire to blow out, leading to serious injuries, wrongful death or premise liability as a result of a vehicle accident.
The point of taking care of your car and getting new tires is to avoid having to contact a personal injury lawyer. However, if you are in a situation where your vehicle causes personal injury, schedule a free consultation and contact Jason & Bradley today.