Motorcyclists enjoy a sense of freedom riding down a Georgia highway. However, that sense of freedom can come at a high cost. With no protective shell to surround them, motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries in accidents. The most common motorcycle accident injuries affect several areas of the body.

Studies show that the most common motorcycle accident injuries occur to the legs and feet. Broken tibias and fibulas, torn ligaments and torn cartilage in knees and ankles are some examples.

Injuries to the upper body, , such as cracked ribs, dislocated shoulders and broken forearms are common when a rider is hit from behind and propelled forward. More seriously, any injury to the spine could result in permanent paralysis for a biker.

Road rash is an injury that occurs in many motorcycle accidents. Sliding 50 or 60 feet on pavement can leave them with deep abrasions and permanent scarring. Even motorcyclists who wear protective clothing can get road rash.

Head and neck injuries are also very common motorcycle accident injuries, with head trauma being the most fatal. The jolt of the initial impact with another vehicle can leave a motorcyclist with a severe case of whiplash as well as neck and back sprains. Bikers can also hit their head against another vehicle or the pavement after being thrown off of their bike, resulting in a serious concussion or worse. This applies to both helmeted motorcyclists and those who don’t wear helmets. Given the lack of protective equipment even with a helmet on and the speed of the motorcycle and the other vehicle, fatal head injuries in motorcycle accidents can happen.

However, this doesn’t mean that wearing a helmet isn’t important. Studies show that motorcyclists who wear helmets often suffer less serious injuries than those who do not wear helmets. Indeed, wearing a helmet has been shown to reduce fatal motorcycle accidents by 22 to 42 percent. Therefore, Georgia law requires motorcyclists to wear approved helmets while on the road.

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