Ambitious Stone Mountain Lawyers Battle for Auto Accident Victims

Dedicated advocates provide comprehensive support in the Atlanta area

The greater Atlanta area has some of the nation’s busiest roads. Unfortunately, heavy traffic, distractions and driver impatience can lead to serious, and even fatal, auto accidents. At Jason & Bradley, LLC in Stone Mountain, we are accomplished lawyers who have a deep understanding of Georgia’s laws that govern vehicle accident claims. Whether you’ve hurt your back in a fender-bender or have suffered life-changing injuries in a multi-car crash, we will take on insurance companies and work diligently to hold the liable drivers accountable.

Aggressive attorneys pursue justice for plaintiffs hurt in vehicle crashes

An auto accident often triggers serious physical and emotional harm. As you work to get back on your feet, our personal injury lawyers develop a complete plan of action to help you deal with matters including:

  • Insurance claims — Georgia uses a traditional fault-based auto insurance system, meaning that someone hurt in a car accident can file a claim with their own insurer or the carrier for the driver who was at fault. You can also initiate a lawsuit against the other driver. Our firm has extensive experience in these matters and can explain which path is best for your case.
  • Truck accidents — Crashes involving commercial vehicles can result in severe injuries and also fatalities. Fortunately, federal regulations govern the safe operation of large trucks, including guidelines on speed, maintenance and driver rest. We examine the facts to uncover safety violations that might have contributed to your truck accident.
  • Motorcycle accidents — As a motorcyclist, you are at risk of serious injury in any accident. Drivers of automobiles often fail to respect the road rights of motorcycle riders, resulting in collisions. Poorly maintained roadways are also a danger for motorcyclists, and we work to hold municipalities liable for their negligence.
  • Accidents involving pedestrians — When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the physical damage can be life-changing. Our lawyers go after careless motorists to recover medical costs, lost income, and damages for pain and suffering.

Starting with your free initial consultation, we will gather all relevant information to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome. This can include obtaining video recordings, interviewing witnesses and using experts to examine the vehicles involved in the accident and other physical evidence.

Skillful advocates handle collision cases involving all types of injuries

Vehicle crashes can lead to a wide range of injuries, so detailed medical evidence is often needed to secure an appropriate verdict or settlement. We work with doctors and other medical experts to present the short- and long-term consequences of injuries such as broken bones, head and neck injuries, and other ailments caused by collisions. In personal injury and wrongful death actions, our firm develops a thorough case so that you can obtain the resolution you deserve.

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