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Premises Liability & Slip and Fall Accidents

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Slip and Fall Accident in Atlanta GA

You have the right to expect safe conditions on someone else’s property. When you are injured by slipping and falling or in another manner, you may be entitled to a claim of negligence against the property owner. The lawyers at Jason & Bradley, LLC assess your case to determine whether the owner is liable for your injuries. A property owner’s liability depends on the nature of your activity on the property:

  • Invitee. You are invited onto the property to conduct business, as when you are a customer in a store. The owner must exercise ordinary care to maintain safety on the premises.
  • Licensee. You are a personal visitor, such as a social guest or a police officer. Negligence claims are subject to a higher standard in this category, and often require proof that the owner had knowledge of the dangerous condition.
  • Trespasser. This is the most challenging area of premises liability. However, children are protected by the doctrine of attractive nuisance. If a trespassing child is injured by an intriguing unsecured item, such as an unlocked car or discarded refrigerator, the property owner may be liable.

When you have been injured on someone else’s property, we send a case manager to the injury site and to your hospital bed. Evidence collected at the scene of your injury is vital, but the information we learn from you is even more important.

Slip and fall accident

Many premises liability claims are brought when a person is injured by slipping and falling on commercial property, such as a grocery store or a shopping mall. You may be entitled to compensation for such injuries if the dangerous condition was not readily apparent and the property owner did not give adequate warning of the danger.

Lack of security

Another common type of premise liability case is lack of security. When you are injured by another person while on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensation. Property owners are expected to provide a safe and secure environment, and you may have a right to compensation if you are assaulted.

Seek a settlement or award when you are hurt on someone’s property

You deserve compensation when you are injured on someone’s property due to negligent maintenance or lack of security. Our lawyers know how to stand up for your rights. To schedule a free consultation about your premises liability claim, contact Jason & Bradley, LLC.

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