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  • Michael Jackson's Wrongful Death Claim Dropped

Michael Jackson's Wrongful Death Claim Dropped

Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson has voluntarily dropped a civil wrongful death case against Dr. Conrad Murray. California court records show that Jackson's request for a voluntary dismissal was granted although there are no records explaining the reason for this move. Coincidentally, both personal injury attorneys handling the case were deemed ineligible to try cases in California. This is the second time since Michael Jackson's death that the family has pursued a wrongful death case for the serious harm that was inflicted on the pop singer. The first claim against Conrad Murray was filed in June 2010 on the anniversary of Jackson's death. Attorneys originally filed the complaint in the federal court system, but the judge ordered Joe Jackson to re-file his claim in a state court. This recently dismissed case alleged that Murray lied to paramedics and kept inadequate medical records. The majority of claims in this civil case mirror charges that prosecutors focused on when convicting Murray of involuntary manslaughter. Joe Jackson sought damages for emotional distress and loss of income.

Jacko’s legal battles are not over

While Joe Jackson has been pursuing a civil wrongful death case against Conrad Murray, a law firm retained by Katherine Jackson has been building a lawsuit against the concert promotion company AEG Live. Her claims allege that AEG was negligent in hiring and supervising Murray. These allegations focus on Murray's administration of Propofol as a sleep aid while Jackson was preparing for his comeback tour. If the action proceeds as scheduled, Katherine Jackson's case will be heard in April 2013.

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