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  • NFL Insurance Companies Back Out of Representation in Concussion Cases

NFL Insurance Companies Back Out of Representation in Concussion Cases

The saga of the ongoing legal battle over concussion liability in the National Football League just took another complex turn with new lawsuits against 32 insurance companies that at one point provided coverage to the NFL. This massive litigation now involves more than 3,000 former professional football players, including some from the Atlanta Falcons who claim that the NFL allegedly downplayed the risks of concussions or else swept them under the rug. The concussion lawsuits underscore the dangers that professional football players are exposed to on any given Sunday with regard to head injuries as well as the position insurance companies can take when faced with massive liability claims. The 32 insurers provided general liability coverage to the NFL since the late 1960s but now say that they are not obligated to indemnify the league in light of the concussion lawsuits.

Right out of the insurance companies’ playbooks

High-profile cases like the NFL concussion litigation are not the only occasions in which insurers can declare themselves free of responsibility. They can also do it in cases that involve vehicle accidents, wrongful death, premise liability, and others. The insurance companies in the NFL concussion litigation claim that the policies were not in effect when the filing of lawsuits began last year, but the league maintains that the injuries occurred when the coverage was active. Personal injury law firms are often tasked with enforcing policies when insurers deny coverage. Insurance companies may not always be willing to settle costly claims in personal injury cases. Experienced personal injury attorneys can ensure that the rights of their insured clients are respected.

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