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  • Thanksgiving Fried Turkey Fires — Are You Covered?

Thanksgiving Fried Turkey Fires — Are You Covered?

The celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday will surely bring about some personal injury cases involving grease fires. That’s because Georgians love to make a deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey. One question that comes to mind is whether or not an insurance company will cover injuries or damage that result from such grease fires. Generally, Negligence Is Covered Damage and injury which results from negligence (for example, a grease fire after a deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey disaster) is generally covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy and you should be able to recover damages from the insurance company for this. Moreover, if you were injured at someone else’s home during such a fire, you would definitely be entitled to sue for damages for any injuries that sustained in the course of the fire. Check Your Policy You should check your homeowner’s policy to be sure that you are covered. In some cases, your insurance company may specifically exclude cases where you engage in behavior which you know puts you, your guests or your home at risk. Deep-frying a Thanksgiving turkey may in fact qualify under these terms because the Georgia Department of Public Health says that grease-fires are a known risk factor for this type of activity. If You Want to Play It Safe, Roast the Turkey Bottom line, while you are likely going to be covered for damages and or personal injury resulting from a deep fried turkey disaster, you’re much better off going with the more traditional Thanksgiving tradition and just roasting the turkey. Or, if you insist that you must have a deep-fried turkey, stay safe and follow all the safety instructions for a happy and healthy holiday.