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  • The Meningitis Drug Contamination Scandal

The Meningitis Drug Contamination Scandal

As most readers are likely aware by now, there has been a scandal involving steroid injections which were contaminated with fungal meningitis. In cases like this, there is always a need for consumers to get the kind of legal representation they need in order to protect their rights and the rights of their family in this and any other kind of medical malpractice scandal. Here’s what you need to know. This Represents Gross and Continuing Negligence According to a recent New York Times report, poor sanitation at one of the plants involved in the recent scandal lead directly to the meningitis outbreak. In fact, according to that report, the sanitation problems were ongoing even after the scandal initially broke. The FDA found insects within 10 feet of what was supposed to be a sterile clean room intended to be a place for fabricating medications. This kind of gross negligence means that if you contracted illness from steroid injections during the recent scandal or from other drugs in a similar type of incident, you would be entitled to compensation. It is important to protect your rights in these kinds of situations because the companies involved will often make a quick, lowball settlement offer in order to get the case closed before you can secure representation. The Need to Prove Chain of Evidence However, while it is definitely possible to recover significant damages for anyone who suffered due to a products liability scandal, you must prove that any illness is related to taking the drugs in question. This can be proved through medical and pharmacy records, as well as other forms of discovery best handled by a lawyer. Without proving a chain of causation for your injuries, your recovery will be limited. Thus, it’s important to discuss your situation with a qualified attorney who can help you to examine your options.