When a serious truck accident occurs, victims are likely dealing with severe injuries that require medical treatment. The cost of this treatment can cause significant financial strain, which is why gathering evidence that proves the truck driver’s or other party’s negligence is crucial. Luckily, most commercial trucks contain an event data recorder (EDR) or "black box." The device is usually found under the passenger front seat, driver's seat, or the center console of a vehicle and records and stores information about the moments immediately preceding a crash. Depending on the vehicle, the EDR can supply anywhere from 2.5 to 25 seconds of pre-crash data.

The pre-crash data can give a timeline of the driver's actions leading up to the collision, which can help prove fault and get you the compensation you deserve. Commercial vehicles’ EDRs record specific data points, some of which include:

  • change in velocity
  • a trucker’s daily driving activity
  • vehicle speed just before the collision
  • seat belt use
  • airbag deployment the angle of the steering wheel before a crash

A major aspect of any motor vehicle accident claim is proving what actually happened. Information from an EDR can aid an expert in explaining the events leading up to a crash, as well as help them determine if someone other than the truck driver was responsible. For example, in a truck accident that occurs because of defective brakes, the manufacturer may be to blame for the collision.

Additionally, in comparative negligence states such as Georgia, the trucking company may try to assert that the victim's injuries resulted principally from their own negligence, such as failure to wear a seatbelt. The EDR data can help prove that the truck or other party was at least 51 percent at fault, thus allowing the victim to still collect compensation even if they played some role in the crash.

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